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engagement 2020.


3 out of 4 employees like their workplace.


Insights into employee engagement at Polish companies.

Employee engagement - this notion is coming up more and more often in discussions entrepreneurs and HR professionals. This notion goes far beyond pure job satisfaction or motivation to action, and building engagement requires employers to regularly measure and accurately respond based on the data collected.

That is why we are directing this report to you.

Raport will you not only learn how to research engagement, find out what are the most important difficulties in building employee engagement in Poland, but also how to deal with these issues.

The publication "Engagement 2020 Report." is a comprehensive compilation of the results of Enpulse's 2020 Engagement Survey.

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Slightly more than half of employees implement their ideas at work


engagement 2020.Report

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Analysis based on data from the Enpulse platform:

  • What is employee engagement and how to study it in today's world;
  • What key factors build employee engagement;
  • Which of these factors, looking at the Enpulse data, prove to be the biggest challenge in building engagement among employees on the Polish market;
  • With what activities, tools you can build engagement and thus improve the performance of your organization.
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All information was obtained through the Enpulse engagement survey. The pulse survey included 6436 employees of Polish companies, representing a diverse cross-section of industries.

A good atmosphere motivates 4 out of 5 employees.


Experts' Comments:

The 2021 challenge for employers is: work on transparent communication. As the results of the Enpulse report show, only 58% of employees say that they are informed about the company's plans and situation.

And yet this very knowledge, from the perspective of each employee seems to be crucial. Without this information it is difficult to be engaged.

Another challenge for this year is to work on employee appreciation and recognition. In many companies there is still a belief that there is no need to comment on employees' good attitudes, it is more important to point out the shortcomings. From the point of view of building employee engagement, such behavior can at best demotivate.

2021 should be the year of mindfulness. The lack of it deteriorates the quality of our lives and experiences (including those at work). It makes us distance ourselves as people. Our relationships weaken, and over time, disappear altogether. We don't pay attention to team values, and we find it increasingly difficult to communicate. As a result, conflicts arise in the organization and engagement decreases.

The report analyzes in detail the engagement of employees in the extremely difficult year of 2020, as well as suggests specific solutions for, among others, managers/HR departments in the area of raising employee engagement.

The higher percentage (74%) of employees determined to be fully engaged in their work may be due to the often simultaneous increased activity of supervisors in the area of communication and the desire to "be close" to employees in this difficult period. A key role in 2020 turned out to be played by HR, whose task was to ensure, among others, a sense of stability in employees, which ultimately translated into their increased attachment.

At the same time, employees understood the "gravity of the situation" and were extremely committed to work, realizing that together they are working for a better tomorrow - it was teamwork that additionally mobilized them to hard work (also 74% of respondents). Many companies used the period of the pandemic to work together to develop solutions for how to get out of the crisis as quickly as possible, while also devoting time to training that they had previously lacked time for.

Maja Gojtowska

author of Gojtowska.com blog,

an expert on employerbranding expert

Country Manager, Orienta Polska Sp. z o.o.

Oliwia Burdeńska

Employeeengagement 2020.Report

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engagement 2020.

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